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Good SPACE Workshop

The Good SPACE Workshop is a 4-hour suicide prevention community workshop open to anyone 18+. The workshop aims to provide the following:

  • Evidence based information around what we can do to improve the space we are in, thereby reducing our risk of suicide (increasing protective factors)
  • Information around mental illness, and common changes that may indicate a person is experiencing mental distress
  • An understanding of why people die by suicide, and what may lead a person to consider and sometimes act on their thoughts of suicide
  • An action plan

If you live in the New England North West region of NSW and are interested in attending one of our workshops, please contact Good SPACE Project Coordinator Fiona Livingstone on 0427 072 105 or

A note about our evaluation
This workshop has undergone internal evaluation, and is currently being externally evaluated. The internal evaluation showed the workshop to reduce stigma around suicide, increase literacy around suicide, and improve participants’ confidence in: understanding why people die by suicide, asking directly about suicide, assisting a person to seek help, and awareness of available services and how to access them. Participants also showed an improvement in their own mental wellbeing in the three months following the workshop.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the workshop cost?
There is no cost if the workshop is delivered in the New England North West Region of NSW.

If you reside outside of this region and are interested in a workplace or community workshop, please contact Project Coordinator Fiona Livingstone at

Who should attend?
Anyone over the age of 18. The workshop will teach you the skills to be able to identify a person who may be at risk of suicide, as well as what to say and do. This workshop provides potentially life saving information, which makes it relevant to everyone.

Can you do a workshop in my town or workplace?
Yes! If you require a workshop that’s not listed, please contact Project Coordinator Fiona Livingstone at can also discuss the most suitable workshop based on the needs of community or staff.



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