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Training and Workshops

The Centre provides a range of workshops and training courses which cover suicide awareness, understanding, and prevention, with information around how to support those who are at risk. These include:

The Good SPACE Workshop
The Good SPACE Workshop (GSW) is a 4-hour suicide prevention community workshop open to anyone aged 18+.
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We-Yarn is a 5-hour highly interactive suicide prevention workshop that has been developed in consultation with, and for, Aboriginal people. This culturally appropriate workshop aims to increase knowledge and reduce risk factors associated with Aboriginal suicide, through the lens of holistic health. It also provides participants with the skills required to identify that someone may be experiencing thoughts of suicide, and how to provide support and encouragement to seek help. We recognise and value the importance of traditional approaches involving culture, connection to land, and the wellbeing of the whole community. We-Yarn is always delivered by, or co-facilitated with an Aboriginal person.
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Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST) is a two-day workshop that teaches participants to carry out life-saving interventions for people at risk of suicide. This worldwide course has been well evaluated and is popular for good reason.

ASIST teaches participants to recognise when someone may be at risk of suicide and how to work with someone to create a plan that will support their immediate safety. Although ASIST is widely used by healthcare providers, participants don’t need any formal training to attend the workshop – ASIST can be learned and used by anyone. Anyone 16 years or older can attend ASIST.

The Good SPACE team offers several partially subsidised ASIST courses each year. After this, we can deliver ASIST upon request, however full prices apply. To receive an estimate please contact:

Fiona Livingstone
Program Manager
0427 072 105

Ranging from 90 minutes to three hours, SuicideTALK starts a conversation that we need to have in order to prevent suicide, and that is to talk about suicide. It asks ‘should we talk about suicide? Is it safe to talk about suicide?’ By looking at these questions in a number of different ways, participants can discover some of the beliefs and ideas about suicide in their communities and in themselves.

SuicideTALK can be a good starting point for a community where stigma around suicide is strongly felt. We recommend it is followed up with one or more of our other workshops. It is often a catalyst for community action. This workshop is free in the New England North West region of NSW.

To find out about the workshops we offer, and details of upcoming workshops, click here to view our events calendar.

Clinical training
The Good SPACE team works with the Black Dog Institute (BDI) to coordinate the delivery of BDI’s ‘Advanced Skills in Suicide Prevention’ for clinicians. This workshop is delivered by a General Practitioner for General Practitioners, Psychologists, and other allied health workers. This six-hour course is held on a Saturday, and is heavily subsidised by the GSP.

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Community engagement
The Good SPACE team are committed to the communities they work in, which means getting involved and supporting communities whenever possible. If you know of a community event that you think the GoodSpace team could be a part of, please contact:

Fiona Livingstone
Program Manager
0427 072 105

Good SPACE can be available to hand out resources around stress, mental illness, suicide prevention and postvention. We can provide presentations around certain topics, or an overview of our work.

Community and Workplace Support Skills Training
The Rural Adversity Mental Health (RAMHP) team provides training courses for workplaces and communities which cover how to help someone at risk of suicide.

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