Rural Small Business

Mental health and wellbeing in rural small business

Drought, bushfires, COVID-19. 2020 threw a number of challenges at small business owners in rural NSW.

We know that small business owners face financial pressures, long hours, and a delicate work-life balance. For rural people, these stressors are compounded by drought, bushfires, floods and other adversities. How these factors combine to affect mental health and wellbeing is largely unknown.

This is why CRRMH partnered with Everymind to add a rural perspective to their Ahead for Business project.

Our research study

The study aimed to better understand the wellbeing needs of small business owners by asking questions about mental health, wellbeing and support networks.

This information will be used to develop support and resources that are tailored to the rural small business community.

We want to thank all those Central West small business people who participated and shared their stories with us.

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