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Wellbeing in Rural Small Business

Small businesses account for almost 98% of all actively trading NSW businesses (NSW Government, 2019), with 30% of those being located in regional NSW. 72% of small businesses owners are aged over 40 years, and 67% are male.

What this might mean for mental health and wellbeing within small business is largely an unknown factor given that research and programs specifically targeted towards small business mental health are limited. There is even less research and programs looking specifically to rural, regional and remote contexts.

The CRRMH, through RAMHP and our research, works to promote and support good mental health in rural NSW small business. We recognise that good mental health for business owners and employees is also key to successful businesses. Working closely with rural communities and our valued partners, we understand profoundly the challenging contexts of drought, flood, bushfires and now COVID-19, since we live in the communities we serve.

CRRMH partnered with Everymind in a $3.1 million project, Ahead for Business to support the mental health of people who own or work in small business. CRRMH conducted research, recruiting and supporting small business owners in the Central West of NSW, seeking to learn more about the mental health needs of rural small businesses.


We have compiled a suite of resources to help small business owners take action on their mental health and wellbeing. This collection of resources feature real stories from small business owners across NSW.



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