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Act-Belong-Commit Projects and Campaigns

Community Wellbeing Project

The pilot project began in 2014 as a partnership between the Murdi Paaki Regional Assembly, the Office of Communities – Department of Sport and Recreation, Far West Local Health District and a number of other organisations.

The Community Wellbeing Project uses the Act-Belong-Commit framework to promote community wellbeing through rugby league clubs in target communities through rural and regional NSW. It aims to:

  • Increase knowledge of how to be mentally healthy
  • Increase mentally healthy behaviours
  • Increase opportunities to be physically and socially active
  • Increase capacity of community members to respond to mental health concerns
  • Increase support for those with mental health concerns
  • Increase volunteerism
  • Empower clubs and communities
  • Increase awareness of community-focused clubs and causes
  • Increase participation in clubs and communities
  • Build stronger connections, pride and ownership within communities

This is achieved through a variety of activities, including extensive media campaigns, health education sessions at each of the participating rugby league clubs, a Pre-Season Community Gathering, and community festivals at home games.

For more information about the Community Wellbeing Project please contact Mick Dabin, National Projects Manager, National Rugby League Limited at




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