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Supporting strong families and capable communities through cross-national research


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Congratulations to CRRMH researchers Professor David Perkins and Dr Hazel Dalton who co-authored a paper with researchers from the Family Action Centre (University of Newcastle) and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL).

The paper: ‘Supporting strong families and capable communities through cross-national research’  explores evidence–based approaches and initiatives through cross-national research. Examples in the paper include coordinated community-engaged effort from rural areas of two high-income countries: Australia and the USA.

The paper  found that linking initiatives within and between countries can expand local, national, and global read and impacts. It concluded that if we are to meet lofty global goals relating to health and wellbeing, cross–national collaborations are needed to share resources, expand expertise, and stimulate ideas necessary to develop and enhance local and global initiatives.   High income country partnerships addressing mental health in under-served areas, such as rural communities, can play a vital role in contributing to global mental health solutions.

Since the paper was published, the UoN’s  Family Action Centre hosted a two-day symposium facilitating conversations for change from around the globe. The symposium explored  innovations and new directions for strengthening global families and communities.

Click to read the full article: Supporting strong families and capable communities through cross-national research





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