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‘Let’s Talk Rural Mental Health’ podcast series wins TheMHS award and launches second series


The CRRMH is delighted that the ‘Let’s Talk Rural Mental Health’ podcast series has been selected as the winner of the 2018 The Mental Health Service (TheMHS)  Media Award in the relevant category:  ‘Special Media Journalism – Regional/Rural/Community’. This announcement coincides with the launch of a second podcast series

The podcasts series was an initiative of the CRRMH and RAMHP together with journalist and producer Kia Handley.

Manager of the RAMHP Program Tessa Caton said rural communities continue to face significant, everyday challenges and it is important to acknowledge these challenges and provide support, information and hope.

“We were delighted that the first podcast series was recognised in THEMHS Media Awards just in time for the launch of our second series,” said Tessa.

“Feedback from listeners has been positive and encouraging with over 2.200 listens. Listeners’  found the podcasts to be a valuable and helpful resource helping to destigmatise mental health issues, promote good mental health and encourage people to strike up a conversation about mental health with colleagues, friends and family.

“The podcasts also help to normalise people’s experiences living with a mental health issue in rural areas and provide hope and information about where to get help,” she said.

The topics in series two are equally diverse and relevant with the first one focusing on coping during a drought.

“We felt this was an effective way of providing support and information for drought-affected rural communities during this challenging time,” Tessa said.

Producer of the podcasts, journalist Kia Handley says the second season of Let’s Talk is an excellent way to continue the conversation around mental health in regional Australia.

“It feels like there is a real shift of momentum happening right now when it comes to mental health. Since the first season of the podcast, I hear people talking openly about mental health with their family, in workplaces, with friends at the pub, on social media and at community events They’re creating safe spaces by breaking down stigma and being open about the challenges that face us all living and working in regional NSW.

“But there’s always more that can be done and by sharing some positive stories, some solutions and information about the incredible programs being run in regional Australia, we can open up conversation and education to more people and reinforce positive attitudes around mental health,” Kia said.

Series 2 podcast topics include coping with drought, rural LGBTI mental health, loneliness, men’s mental health, Indigenous social and emotional wellbeing, and mental health champions. A new episode will be broadcast each week on ABC’s Statewide Drive program, via your podcast app and available here.

“We encourage people to listen to these podcasts and share this important resource,” Tessa said.

You can listen or subscribe to this podcast on i-tunes – or via other podcast apps. To access the show notes: click here.



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