Farm-Link Program

The Farm-Link program aims to respond to the mental health needs of farmers and farming families and reduce suicide. Farm-Link takes a multi-faceted approach, engaging a range of stakeholders from the community, including government and non-government organisations, private and public businesses representing health and agriculture, representatives from farming communities and families.


Farm-Link provides early intervention mental health initiatives which focus on building the capacity of people living and working in rural communities to make healthy choices for themselves, increase their knowledge, skills and confidence to assist others who may require mental health care or be experiencing suicidal thoughts or behaviours. It is the people living and working in rural communities who are best placed to respond to those in distress, and this is a central message of the Farm-Link work.

Mental health promotion and targeted suicide prevention activities are undertaken through links with those best connected to farming communities, including government and non-government organisations; primary health and mental health service providers; those working in agriculture; volunteer and community groups as well as community leaders.

Farm-Link is committed to providing evidence-based interventions, and to measuring, evaluating and reporting on the work that it does in order to feedback into the body of knowledge to inform and lead to positive long-term outcomes for rural suicide prevention in Australia.


Farm-Link Program Summary

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