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About the producer -Kia Handley

Kia Handley is a radio producer and presenter, currently working on the ABC NSW regional drive show. She is passionate about telling stories that matter most to people in rural and regional Australia and having worked right around NSW she can have a yarn to anyone about anything. She considers herself a three minute expert in anything from weather to international politics. This isn’t Kia’s first podcast, she is the creator and host of This Retro Life podcast bringing her passion for storytelling with her love for vintage together in the one place.

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Why I took this on: It’s a rare moment when I speak to someone and they haven’t been touched in some way by mental health issues. Since going through my own battles and those of my family and friends I know the power of hearing someone tell their mental health journey with their own voice, in their own words and that’s why this podcast was such an important project for me to take on.

Why it’s an important topic: We like to think the stigma around mental health is breaking down, and in some ways that’s true. But there are still a lot of people who keep their experiences and their troubles secret, especially in regional Australia and that needs to change. The more we talk about it and the more open we are about all our experiences, the easier it makes the journey for someone else.

Telling these stories: It was an absolute privilege to be asked by the Centre for Rural and Remote Mental Health to speak to all the incredible people who featured in this podcast. Through the process of recording our chats there was laughter, nerves, tears and relief (mostly when I said I had asked everything I needed). It shows the power of storytelling. And to use that power to talk about mental health is something really special.




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