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Each year, one in five of us will experience a mental health problem. Mental health problems are common but they are also treatable.

Yet, if you live in the city, you are more likely to access help than if you live in a rural area of NSW.

Welcome to ‘Let’s Talk’.

The ‘Let’s Talk’ podcast series is produced by journalist Kia Handley and is all about mental health issues in rural and regional Australia.

In this series we’ll explore some of the big issues and incredible initiatives saving peoples’ lives.

Hear from people who have battled with their mental health, who have been through tragedy and have come out of the other side and also from some of the people who have helped them on their journey.

A HUGE thank you to journalist Kia Handley for her support and expertise in pulling these together.  We would also like to thank all the contributors who had the courage to share their story, some of which are painful as well as inspiring.

We hope these podcasts inspire you and we encourage you to strike up a conversation about mental health with your colleagues, friends and family. We also encourage you to share these links.

You can click on the links below to listen and grab the show notes which include all the links/support and tips related to the topics. ENJOY!

Preview to 'Let's Talk' series

Introduction to our 'Let's Talk' series.

S1 E1: Talking to your GP

Why your GP can be the most important person if you’re struggling.

S1 E2: Disasters, trauma & mental health

Disasters, trauma and keeping yourself and loved ones mentally healthy.

S1 E3: Mentally Healthy Workplaces

The benefits of creating mentally healthy workplaces.

S1 E4: Transitioning back to the land

Changing landscapes and transitioning back to life on the land.

S1 E5: Rural suicide prevention

Suicide prevention initiatives in rural, regional and remote communities.

S1 E6: Mental health peer workers

Mental health peer workers' role in the workforce.

About the producer -Kia Handley

Meet Kia- radio producer and presenter.

S2 E1 Coping with Drought

Coping with drought, staying connected and accessing support.

S2: E2 Rural LGBTIQ Communities

The issues impacting mental health in rural LGBTIQ communities.

S2: E3 Loneliness

Loneliness and its impact on mental health and wellbeing.

S2: E4 Men's Mental Health

What makes it difficult for men to look after their mental health?

S2 E6:Mental Health Champions

Shining a light on some outstanding mental health champions.

S3 E1: Carer's Mental Health

What happens when carers need to be cared for?

S3 E2: First Responder Wellbeing

Floods, fires, accidents, tragedy- first responders see a lot.

S3 E3: Low Prevalence Mental Illnesses

What support and treatment is available for people in rural areas?

S3 E4: Alcohol and Other Drugs

Substance abuse, mental ill-health and the treatment options available.

S3 E5: Masculinity and Mental Health

The idea of masculinity and what it looks like in 2019.

S3 E6: Homelessness

Homelessness and the impact on mental health and wellbeing

Episode -Special: COVID-19 and your mental health

How do we look after our mental health during a global pandemic




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