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Taking Care of Your Mental Health

Following on from any disaster, it is normal for people to feel overwhelmed, worry a lot more than usual, have trouble concentrating and making decisions.  

It is when these feelings and emotions last more than a few weeks, or people stop doing things they’d usually be doing, is when seeking help is important. The earlier we notice a problem and find help, the better chance we have of a quick recovery and we reduce our risk of mental health problems in the future. 

Following on from a bushfire there are things you can do to take care of yourself and your mental health or the mental health of someone you know.  

  • spend time with family and friends
  • take time out but don’t isolate yourself
  • accept help when its offered
  • limit the amount of media coverage you see and hear
  • understand you are not alone in your experience
  • write down your worries and concerns
  • express your feelings in your own time and way
  • know you won’t have all the answers
  • try not to take big risks and make life changing decisions until you are ready. 

If you feel you may need to seek some extra support, head to our Help Services page for information and services.



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