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Rural Small Business – Rural confidence in the younger generation

Date: September 18, 2020
Author: EMILY SINDERBERRY, CEO and Founder, EJS Business Services

I am passionate about supporting rural business, having grown-up in the rural community of Condobolin. I’m in the second year of my new business, EJS Business Services. We provide online bookkeeping and BAS services to clients across Australia. We specialise in rural bookkeeping, BAS services, cloud software, and business systems consulting. These new technologies are important to keep businesses moving forward.

I’m a lifelong learner and enjoy completing new training and learning new skillsplay an active role in my family’s farming business and the local business community. I also volunteer as the Secretary of the Condobolin Chamber of Commerce and Treasurer of the Condobolin Picnic Race Club.

What I love and loathe about running a small business

I really enjoy working with business owners who are progressive and open-minded. I also love working with agricultural businesses to help them achieve their goals while boosting the local economy. Community and connectedness are really important to me. 

The only downside is that at times, small business can be a bit isolating, but there are many ways to avoid this. There are so many amazing online networks such as The Rural Woman. It’s important to seek support, not only in business but in life in general.

Looking after my mental health

I’m a real list maker and I manage my schedule and list jobs to do. I chip away at the work which helps ease the feeling of pressure. I’m pretty relaxed in nature so not much gets in my way!

I’m busy between a full-time job, volunteering, and helping on the family farm, so I am always putting a fair bit of pressure on myself. I make sure I take time out to enjoy things that don’t need much brain power. I also enjoy playing netball in our local competition. Generally, I am a pretty relaxed person though. I enjoy all that I do, which I think helps with my mental health.

The benefits of being rurally located

I love the bonds and networks of people in the country. Everyone is friendly and working with them is so easy. I think having knowledge of rural industries encourages customers to choose a local service. Clients know that rural knowledge will be the best thing for them and their business.

I feel that rural people put their confidence in the younger generation. For example, I can’t imagine a city business outsourcing their bookkeeping to a 23-year-old! I appreciate the confidence and trust that rural people have.

Rural resilience

Tough times don’t last but tough people do. Rural and regional people have a resilient nature They don’t often see it personally, but we need to use this to our best advantage. The online space has opened up a whole new world for many industries and should be considered par for course in rural business.

There is always someone to support you in your business. I am always excited to help people in their business or even to just have a chat. Nothing makes me happier than when I can help a rural small business, and if I can’t, I will set them up with someone who can.

Photo of Emily SinderberryAbout Emily Sinderberry

Emily Sinderberry is CEO & Founder of EJS Business Services, an online bookkeeping and BAS services business that services clients around the Condobolin region and further abroad. The business specialises in rural bookkeeping, BAS services, cloud software setup and training, and business systems consulting. Emily is passionate about supporting rural business, having grown-up in the community she lives and works in. Emily is currently the Secretary of the Condobolin Chamber of Commerce and the Treasurer of the Condobolin Picnic Race Club.




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