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How to Give Better

Date: September 24, 2018
Author: Elise Taylor, Project Officer, Rural Adversity Mental Health Program

We all want to help out our fellow farmers, but it is really difficult to know the best way to help them. There are lots of different charities out there trying to help in the way that they believe is the best. The problem is, that I don’t think that there is a best way to help, instead I think that there are only better ways to help. One of these better ways is to support local businesses to support local people to support local farmers.

A few weeks ago, I saw an article about an organisation that sends their employees out onto farms to check in on farmers. They arrived on farm with some dog food, among other things, just as the farmer had his gun in hand ready to shoot his dog. Having my own dog, I can only imagine how distressed that farmer would’ve been deciding that the kinder option was to put down his favourite dog. I went onto the GIVIT website that afternoon to see if I could donate some dog food to help out these farmers who may be struggling to not only feed stock but also man’s best friend.

There I found an anonymous charity that was asking for donations of dog food in Dubbo, which is less than 2 hours away from me. So I clicked on the button ‘GIVIT’, filled out my contact details and immediately got an email from the GIVIT Team providing me with details such as the name of the charity and their contact details.

Now it was time for me to help out our farmers the better way. My first stop was at the local pet supply store in Dubbo. Spending money in the local area is important as it helps ensures that local businesses can stay in operation despite the area doing it tough. My next stop was to drop off my local bought dog food to a local woman. This local woman runs a charity along with other Dubbo residents and is using the donations to help struggling farmers in the Dubbo area.

Originally coming from the city, I understand that our city counterparts may not be able to donate goods that are purchased in the affected community. Other ways that you can give better is to buy EFTPOS cards so that farmers can spend the money in their local communities on what they need or alternatively take a trip to a drought affected area and spend some money in the community. Many of our regional areas have great tourist attractions, so book a hotel and explore your backyard. Who says that doing good can’t be fun?

This, I believe, is the better way to donate to charities to help our Aussie farmers. By helping local businesses support local people support local farmers, we are able to ensure that our actions do minimal harm and maximum good. If you are thinking about donating money or goods to the drought relief cause, just take a minute to consider a few things:

  1. How is my donation going to impact not only the farmer, but also the local community?
  2. How is my donation going to be helping in not only the short-term, but also the long-term?
  3. How can I help given my location, abilities and time?

Sending love to all our farmers and their best friends, from Elise and Ebby (below).


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