Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Overview of the Training Program
Background—a brief history
Description of the Training Program
The Learning Model
Governance and support
Benefits of the Training Program
Achievements of the Training Program

Chapter 2: Workplace Preparation and Recruitment
Preparing the workplace
Recruiting a Trainee
Planning the orientation and induction
Considering culture
Supporting documents and resources

Chapter 3: Workplace Training and Support
Trainees as team members
Planning the workplace learning experience
Supporting Trainees and teams
Supporting documents and resources

Chapter 4: University Study and Support
Trainee as a student
University course: Bachelor of Health Science (Mental Health)
Education provider: Roles and responsibilities
University study support and entitlements
Supporting documents

Chapter 5: Clinical Placements and Support
The placement component
Planning and organising a clinical placement
Djirruwang Program requirements
Supporting documents

Chapter 6: Linking Work and Study
Progressing from year one through year three
Year One
Year Two
Year Three
Transition from Trainee to graduate
Continuing professional development
Supporting document and resources

Chapter 7: Monitoring and Evaluation
Developing a monitoring and evaluation framework
Aboriginal Mental Health Worker Training Program Logic
Monitoring and evaluation plan
Supporting documents