The artwork is "MEETING PLACE" by members of ‘Connections’ 2010.

The Artists describe the painting as follows:
All the elders meet at the campfire. They establish a meeting place of communication and welcome the community around the campfire. The children, the next generation, learn by listening to the stories around the campfire and by following the footsteps of the elders.

About ‘ Connections’

‘Connections’ is an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Women’s Art Therapy Project held at the recreation centre at Chippendale every Monday. ‘Connections’ provides a culturally safe environment where Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women who are dealing with social and emotional wellbeing issues can come together for mutual support. The group is highly valued by the women participating in it. Most had never painted before joining ‘Connections’. The Project was initiated in 2001 by Kaylene Simon, an Aboriginal Mental Health Specialist, while working at Redfern Aboriginal Medical Service. Since 2006, Kaylene has been employed by St Vincent’s Mental Health Service.

A member of the ‘Connections’ group, Carriette Lillian Pangas (Aunty Lee), painted the artwork featured on the cover of the NSW Aboriginal Mental Health and Well Being Policy 2006 – 2010. It seemed fitting to ask the group to produce the cover for this Practical Guide, especially given the importance of the Aboriginal Mental Health Workforce Program in the Policy. Several women worked together to translate the concept of the Aboriginal Mental Health Worker Training Program into the visual representation on the cover. Their participation in producing the cover effectively links the Policy and the Practical Guide.