New Farm-Link Project

The CRRMH's Farm-Link program has developed a wellbeing and suicide prevention education program for community called "SCARF" (S...suspect C...connect A... ask R...refer...F...follow-up) which aims to increase help-seeking for mental ill-health in the community.

The aim of the Community Education version of the SCARF program is to deliver unique quality training in suicide prevention, with a strong focus on health and well-being.

Farm-Link also delivers a Clinical Education version of the SCARF program. It is for General Practitioners (GPs), mental health clinicians and those providing mental health care to people in the community.

A significant component of the training is dedicated to information regarding current, available, local referral pathways and required protocols for those in need of mental health care or at risk of suicide.

Farm-Link is accredited through the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners and Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine.

For more information, contact the Farm-Link team This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..