Second World Congress on Integrated Care

Senior executives and researchers from leading health services across the world will converge on the Sydney SMC Conference Centre for the second World Congress on Integrated Care (WCIC) in November.

Held on the 23rd - 25th of November 2014, the Conference is a partnership between the CRRMH, the University of Newcastle and the International Foundation for Integrated Care.

With the overarching theme ‘C21st integrated care – serving citizens, patients and communities’, the conference will bring together researchers, clinicians and managers from around the world who are engaged in the radical redesign of services. They will share experience and the latest evidence about patient and population needs, person centered service design, and the information and communications technology needed to make integrated services a reality.

Key themes will include

  • The integration of acute and chronic care
  • The integration of mental and physical health care
  • The technologies underpinning integrated service delivery

An Organising Committee has been established to oversee the development of the conference. Chaired by Professor David Perkins (CRRMH) the Committee also includes Professor Prasuna Reddy (Director, CRRMH), Dr Nick Goodwin and Fiona Lyne (International Foundation for Integrated Care), Peter Carter and Linda Murray (NSW Health) and Dianna Crebbin (DCO Conferences).

Want more information? Click here for the conference announcement or here for the call for papers.