Farm-Links visits USA

On April 8 Farm-Link’s Coordinator, Meg Perceval, flew to Los Angeles to present on Farm-Link's SCARF program at the American Association of Suicidology Conference in Los Angeles.

While there, Meg met with leading suicide-prevention researchers and service providers from around the world and attended 4 days of incredible and diverse presentations concerning suicide prevention.

Making the most of the trip to the US, Meg spent time with the CEO and Director of Programs of the Suicide Prevention Resource Centre based in Washington, where she learnt about how suicide prevention was being currently addressed and funded in the United States. Meg then flew on to New York and attended meetings with the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention Research and Community Arms.

During her time in the US, Meg estimates she spoke with over 50 individuals from across the world, all with different expertise in research, suicide prevention service delivery or resource production. Meg felt it was an amazing and worthwhile trip, and now has much to implement back home in Australia.​