Faculty Award Win

On 15 November, the Centre for Rural and Remote Mental Health's Meg Perceval received the 'Excellence in Community Engagement' award at the University of Newcastle Faculty of Health Awards.

Meg Perceval is the Coordinator of the 'Farm-Link' Project which is funded under the National Suicide Prevention Strategy. She has been working at the CRRMH in the field of farmer suicide prevention for over 7 years with extraordinary passion and commitment.

Over the past 12 months Meg has developed and piloted a new suicide prevention initiative - the 'SCARF' Program. SCARF is a health and wellbeing, and suicide prevention program that has been developed to increase the knowledge and skills in two key target groups: the general community and health professionals. The name is an acronym for five key skills needed to help someone at risk of suicide: Suspect, Connect, Ask, Refer, Follow-up.

Meg Perceval is considered to be one of the leading group of suicide prevention practitioners in Australia and is often consulted by both state and federal bodies to review and improve suicide prevention initiatives.

Meg is very well known and respected in her local community and has the close support of the local state and federal politicians for her work. She is particularly respected for her specialty: farmer suicide prevention.

Meg is an extraordinary and impressive person whose compassion for those who attempt and complete suicide, and those who are close to them, provides the energy for this exciting and unique initiative.

Congratulations Meg!


Mr Trevor Hazell, Dircetor of Community Programs, and Mrs Meg Perceval, Farm-Link Coordinator