A workout for your mind

If more people aren't embracing the message to get moving maybe it's because no one's done a great job of selling it. When it comes to clocking up the minimum recommended 30 minutes of physical activity five times a week, most of us fall short – only 43 per cent of Australians get this amount of exercise according to Australian Bureau of Statistics figures released last year.

It's not as if we don't know that  movement can bring real rewards – like a body that works better - but often exercise comes across  as a bit like Brussels sprouts – something that's good for us but to be endured rather than enjoyed. Or it's sold in a way that puts so much emphasis on lean, fast moving bodies that some of us are left discouraged rather than inspired.

But here's a book with a fresh message about exercise that might nudge some reluctant exercisers into moving more. In How to Think about Exercise, Melbourne philosopher Damon Young argues that exercise isn't just a workout for heart and muscle, but a way to help the mind and the spirit thrive.

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